The collective unconscious has a specific place in it for haunted houses. For whatever reason, there have always been specific locations, or hubs, where people have long recounted strange and frequently startling occurrences. There is something about static places where the passage of time is halted and where certain memories recur repeatedly — memories of events that were so intense, so shocking, and so traumatic that the emotions they evoked were imprinted on the very fabric of space, imprisoned in looping vortices and limbos where the solace of temporal change cannot reach. What if such a location existed in the center of a busy city, in complete obscurity? If visitors are interested in peeking through the great veil that separates the material world from something other, they can do it at New York’s very own ‘House of Death’.

New York's Most Haunted House

Landmark: ‘House of Death’
Address: 14 West 10th Street, New York, NY, 10011, USA
Known for: Horrors beyond scientific comprehension
Accessibility: Not open to the public

Famous Residents Of The House Of Death

14 W10th St. is a recognized historical landmark and located directly across from Washington Square Park. It was built in the 1850s, when the nation was torn apart and disfigured by violence, during the Civil War. Since then, no fewer than 22 individuals have died in the house. One of the most prolific American writers of all time, Samuel Clemens, better known by his pen name, Mark Twain, lived in home number 14, along with other people.

Even though Mark Twain didn’t actually pass away there, his ghost is thought to have returned. When a mother and daughter who lived in the house and had no reason to be questioned claimed to have seen Mark Twain’s spirit on the first floor close to the staircase in the 1930s, it caused a public uproar. He told them bluntly that he had unfinished business to take care of in the house while reportedly wearing a white suit.

A lone witness may be accused of hallucinating, but it can hardly be chance that two persons should see and hear the exact same thing. The story was much enjoyed because of its unique features. It is challenging to challenge the sober testimonials of hundreds of residents spanning more than a century inasmuch as shared reality accounts for truth.

More and more important people began to call the House of Death their home as time went on. The James Boorman Johnson family, who is credited with starting the Metropolitan Underground Railroad, was one of them. Grounded in practical materialism, the family is said to have told family and friends about unsolvable mysteries rather than risking their image by publicly sobbing about ghosts. Perhaps this is why most families left quickly out of terror for what they could not understand.

Attempts To Put An End To The Haunting

The house was converted into a ten-unit apartment building during the Great Depression in order to maintain its value in the face of inflation. The owners reasoned that a single-family home that was the size of ten apartments may inadvertently foster anxiety among its occupants as they internalize their shame and fear in the voids. It’s also plausible that an apartment building’s tenants would typically be less conspicuous, protecting against the spread of haunting rumors and their negative effects on property values.

Unfortunately, the hauntings persisted, and more well-known people would move into the eerie building. Jan Bryant Bartell, an actress, and her husband moved into the top level in 1957. Bartell claimed that as soon as she stepped inside her new home, she sensed “a gigantic moving shadow that loomed up behind her.” Later, she revealed in her memoir that she experienced multiple instances of what appeared to be ghost targeting while residing at Number 14 Washington Square Park.

It was unclear whether the purpose of the foul odor coming from the walls and the rubs against the back of her neck was to frighten her and feed off her fear or to capture her attention for desperate reasons. The paranormal investigator she engaged was able to perceive the presence of numerous spirits, accurately echoing the very true accounts of loss that had previously taken place in the building. Bartell and her husband departed before their lease expired following a fruitless exorcism.

The House Of Death Claims More Victims

Soon later, in 1987, a horrifying murder occurred, and it’s possible that the suspect was possessed by a malicious spirit that was sentenced to keep repeating its crimes as a distorted sort of confession and remorse. The specifics of many of these hauntings will not be discussed in this article because they are simply too offensive to be repeated on a reputable website. However, readers may discover more at the website that is linked.

This Greenwich Village brownstone has a long history of odd occurrences being reported by temporary occupants. Inexplicable footsteps during the stillest hours of the night, desperate cries in the middle of the night, strange gurgling noises when there shouldn’t be any, and, strangest of all, pale apparitions that vanish as quickly as they emerge. It was the kind of house that nearby parents would sternly urge their children to avoid back when the media made a tidy sum sensationalizing reports from renowned people claiming to have seen ghosts.

The “House of Death” is now relatively unknown, reflecting the progressive secularization of contemporary New Yorkers’ thoughts. Unfortunately, as history has often demonstrated, no amount of justification or denial can stop genuine terror.

Underwater tunnel at the Dubai aquarium in Dubai Mall

Every visitor to Dubai is in awe of the incredible artificial attractions that the city has to offer. Every traveler should visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo at least once in their lives because it is the largest artificial aquatic ecosystem in the world. Since its development, it has won a number of awards, including the Acrylic Panel title in the Guinness Book of World Records. Flying to the capital of the UAE is a must if you want to see this magnificent building. Here are some things to know before going to the Dubai Aquarium.

Three distinct components of this magnificent building are located on the first, second, and third floors of the opulent shopping center. The main tank is made up of the parts, which is around 51 meters long, 20 meters wide, and 11 meters high. The third section is an underwater zoo, and the second section is curled into a tunnel that is 11 meters high and gives guests a 270-degree view of the aquarium. The walk through the tunnel takes roughly 45 minutes. In terms of space occupied, the mall where it is located was opened in 2008 as the second-largest Mall in the world. The aquarium was created by Peddle Thorp and is currently run by Emaar Entertainment.

One of the world’s largest suspended aquariums, the amazing underwater wonderland contains roughly 10 million gallons of water and countless aquatic creatures. This artificial environment is home to thousands of animals, including the largest population of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world and over 300 sharks and rays from over 140 distinct species.

Basic Ticket Cost: AED 120
Explorer Experience Cost: AED 175
Opening Time: 10:00 am daily

What To Experience In Dubai Aquarium?

Visitors have countless options to explore and firsthand experience the amazing aquatic world at the stunning aquatic landscape. With the ecosystem and its inhabitants, visitors can engage in a variety of daring activities. The amount of fun and adventure depends on how brave, adventurous, and curious a person is. Visitors should be aware that the activities offered here are suitable for families with children.

A rare variety of animals, some of which are exclusive to the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, are present there. More than 30 different species of snakes, as well as creepy anthropods, slithering reptiles, amphibians, colorful chameleons, blood-squirting lizards, geckos, iguanas, scorpions, beetles, spiders, millipedes, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches, can all be seen there. A Burmese python enclosure, a tree snake enclosure, penguins, enormous crabs, piranhas, water rats, and enormous catfish are also present. What else would one anticipate from the world’s largest hanging aquarium?

Feeding The Sharks

The resident sharks in the aquarium are fed daily by divers who plunge into the aquarium tank and attract the predators with buckets of fish. The exercise is not just exhilaratingly dangerous but also a thrilling and exciting frenzy. Visitors here can join the divers for an up-and-close personal experience with the sharks as the feeding takes place centimeters away from the sharks. The visitors are, in this case, caged for safety.

Mysteries Of The Underwater Zoo

This aquatic resource’s imaginations and regions are inaccessible to any discriminating traveler. On the Dubai Mall’s second level, directly over the aquarium tank, is where you’ll find the zoo. With species and mysteries that leave visitors’ jaws gaping, it is yet another gem for those who love to go on adventures. For instance, the strongest reptile on earth, King Croc, may be found here. Its massive weight is 750 kg. The King’s site is simply amazing and magnificent.

UAE Night Creatures

Without a taste of Arabian culture, the tour would never be complete. Visitors can, in fact, see the Arabian Desert at night and the creatures that live there. This contains fruit bats, veiled chameleons, giant caramel spiders, and Arabian toads. Visitors can participate in an educational adventure through the fascinating mysteries of the Arabian desert environment since they are hosted in a 200 meter space.


The most exciting experience is diving into the aquarium tank for an adrenaline rush while experiencing wonder and fear of the sharks and other predators present in the environment. Visitors are given the chance to try various activities including shark diving, cage snorkeling, and scuba diving. Every opportunity is restricted and needs careful observation. Visitors who wish to participate in scuba diving or shark diving must have a PADI certificate as proof of their diving and swimming abilities. Cage snookering is an option for those who lack these capabilities.

Opportunities For Kids Marine Biologists

Being a family-friendly attraction, Dubai Aquarium provides junior (5–15 years old) and senior aquarist programs for children to learn about the marine environment and the imaginations of the aquatic world (8-15years old). The junior aquarists get a more up-close look at professional marine education as they see the sharks being fed, help feed the other creatures in the aquarium, and take a glass-bottom boat ride through the aquarium tunnel. The senior aquarist, on the other hand, gets to do all of the aforementioned plus cage snorkeling. Both opportunities require advanced reservations.

Junior Aquarist Cost: AED 157.50
Senior Aquarist Cost: AED 262.50
Every traveler to the UAE should put seeing the aquarium at the top of their must-see attractions list. The Burj Khalifa is just next to the aquarium, which makes it very accessible and ensures a great experience.

Have no fear if you’re a seasoned solo traveler or planning your first solo trip! Traveling across Asia is usually simple, and beginning with a solo trip will help you save money due to the low cost of travel there. So, what do you like best about traveling alone? It’s getting around with nice people and discovering the city from top to bottom for me, and there’s no better location to start the journey than Asia. If you want to be surrounded by nature, culture, tradition, people, food, and history, the Asian continent has plenty to offer. These locations are considered, with safety, infrastructure for meeting other tourists, budget, and, of course, the kindness of the locals in mind. It can be difficult to start a vacation on your own, but if you want to start close to home, these destinations should be the ideal places to start.

When we think of a honeymoon, we think of a spot with a pleasant, cozy ambiance and well-lit sidewalks where you can stroll and buy touristy trinkets. However, there is a growing trend among young couples to forego the traditional honeymoon combination of Paris and Switzerland. They would rather go on an adventurous honeymoon and enjoy some of the top adventure trips for couples. One of the best holidays of your life is believed to be your honeymoon. So you can spend your honeymoon sipping cocktails by the pool in a resort or in a hotel suite in a beautiful city.

This post about the finest adventure holidays for couples is for you if you are an adrenaline addict who gets his or her kicks from venturing off the beaten path and you have met someone who shares your adventure gene. As more people want to visit unusual places, there has been a rush of development in such areas, offering a diverse range of things to partake in while you’re there. You can do everything from jet skiing to bungee jumping to snorkeling.

You can also escape civilization through canyon climbing, hiking, or trekking. Nothing beats an adrenaline rush, especially when it’s shared with someone you care about. So, without further ado, here are some suggestions for places to visit while planning an adventurous honeymoon.

The British Virgin Islands are a British treasure located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The British Virgin Islands, like Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Barbados, are made up of four big islands and 32 smaller islands. The islands are home to magnificent retreats and breathtaking scenery. The British Virgin Islands, in comparison to other Caribbean islands, are less populated and busy. The islands acquire their names from Saint Ursula’s legend and the narrative of 11,000 virgins. When Columbus discovered the Virgin Islands, he was reminded of the legend, and the islands have been known as the Virgin Islands ever since. The archipelago is shared by the US Virgin Islands and the Spanish Virgin Islands, both of which you can visit. These islands have become a mecca for sailing, surfing, scuba diving, and other activities that have drawn thousands of tourists over the years.

With nearly a third of its territory covered by desert and its quiet outback, Australia offers an adventurous Desert trail for everyone to discover the beauty of the landscape, desert plants, and fauna. The desert and outback are major tourist destinations, and group trips to popular sights such as ruins, springs, and Australian Aboriginals with their culture and traditions are available. One of the most accessible places to begin the Desert Trail is Alice Springs, which provides access to a variety of journeys that may be taken in groups or solo. From Sydney, there is a direct flight to Alice Springs.