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Mystery Ranch Scree 32 Backpack Review
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Mystery Ranch Scree 32 Backpack Review

Due to its comfortable harness system, the Mystery Ranch Scree 32 shines at travel and outdoor excursions but suffers in urban settings from its rustic appearance.


  • Lots of exterior attachment points for extra gear
  • Three-zip main compartment makes access easy
  • Back panel has ample padding and aeration for comfort


  • Lots of loose strap materials on the exterior
  • Not much organization in the main compartment, so small items can get lost
  • Has a hiking pack look and feel even without hip belt and sternum strap

Technical Details

  • Capacity32l
  • Weight (lb)2.8 lb (1.3 kg)
  • Dimensions22 in x 11.5 in x 9 in (55.9 x 29.2 x 22.9 cm)
  • Notable MaterialsROBIC®, Nylon, YKK Zippers, Duraflex Hardware
  • Manufacturing Country Vietnam

Full Review

A pack that can do it all is the Mystery Ranch Scree 32. From lengthy day treks in the woods to road trips across the nation with companions, this pack has large shoes to fill. A bag that can do everything typically doesn’t do it all well since compromises must be made to ensure well-roundedness. Or it is exceptional at one thing while being quite incidental in others. Let’s check out how the Scree handles the task since we’re curious!

External Components

The exterior of this pack has a lot going on, as is immediately apparent. The main component of the pack is made of 210D robic nylon to start. Despite being incredibly light, this fabric offers exceptional durability whether you’re walking across an unfamiliar city or a route that is more than 10 miles long. Additionally, it is comparatively water resistant, keeping your equipment dry unless it is absolutely pouring rain.

Mystery Ranch’s selection of zippers is another important factor in keeping your gear dry. This pack has YKK zippers, and each external zipper has an AquaGuard water-resistant coating. If they had not chosen this course of action, quite a few locations would have been at risk from flooding, thus it is commendable that they did. A thin piece of metal with a paracord-like material wrapped around it serves as the pull. The end has a knot, which is useful if you’re wearing gloves if the weather is gloomy.

Fit Notes

If you thought there was a lot going on with the outward parts, wow, are you in for a surprise! To start, let’s mention that there are two sizes available for this bundle. For torso lengths between 15 and 20 inches (38 – 51 cm), the Small/Medium size is appropriate, while the Large/Extra Large size is appropriate for torso lengths between 17 and 24 inches (43 – 61 cm). You would be right if you assumed that those appeared to be significant torso length variations. Both versions’ harness systems are adjustable, which allows them to accommodate different torso sizes.

The best way to adjust it is to undo the hook and loop fastener that hides the frame sheet. It’s located behind the back panel and is accessible from the top, just below the ambidextrous water bladder port. Grab the Mystery Ranch tag and pull up to unhook it. From there, you should see the top of the rigid plastic frame sheet. Slide that out and push it between the hook and loop fastener you can see and the primary pack material. You can use your hands to do this, too, but using the frame sheet keeps your hands from getting poked.

You can modify the height of the back panel after releasing the fastening. Replace the frame sheet right away because it is essential for shifting weight and keeping the pack comfortable.

The same aeration is used on the hip belt, back panel, and shoulder straps. For long walks and trips around the city, it is very breathable and encourages airflow.

The padding in all three places varies in thickness. The shoulder straps and back panel have the least padding, followed by the hip belt and lower lumbar support, which has the highest padding. Whether you walk for an hour or seven, they all have enough padding to keep you comfortable.

The lower lumbar support has a hook-and-loop fastening that secures the hip belt, which is detachable. It is a large, structured belt that works well for trekking but may be too much for commuting in an urban setting. Small pockets with zippers on either side are ideal for a snack or a few tools. Gatekeeper clips are on either side in addition to the hook and loop fastener to make sure it doesn’t fall off when you don’t want it to.

Inside The Pack

The pack has two secondary compartments on the top side of the pack. The more forward facing one is smaller and is a perfect spot for your phone or similar-shaped items. There isn’t much room here for things other than that.

The next pocket is a little bit bigger. To capture our travels, we preferred to put an Instax Mini here with a couple packs of film, although you could accommodate much more if you wanted to. It extends across the majority of the pack’s lid and features a rear made of structural mesh. We like that you can see what’s inside when you open the main compartment. You can also view what is kept in the top pocket if you open the main compartment to search for something and are unsuccessful. It is inaccessible, yet it facilitates finding equipment. Throwing something wet inside the pocket would cause it to seep into the main compartment.

On to the main storage area now. The recognizable three-zip style from Mystery Ranch is used in this bundle. It may take some getting accustomed to if you’ve never opened a pack using this technique. In essence, there is a top cover with two zippers. They come together in the middle but do not entirely close. To ensure that no water gets inside, there is a zipper behind that extends past the point where the two lip zippers meet and runs vertically down the pack. Although this design requires some getting used to, it provides full access to the bag for loading and locating your belongings once you arrive.

We’re impressed with the Mystery Ranch Scree 32’s overall performance. Although this backpack can do it all, we have to agree that it always gives the impression that a long hike is about to begin. Although it has several incredibly pleasant features, there isn’t much organization for travel. It will work well for you if you’re willing to utilize packing cubes and other organizers to make up the difference; otherwise, this pack might not be the right choice for you.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Robic nylon is durable yet lightweight
  • Ample padding on the shoulder straps and back panel, but we’re curious how it handles urban environments
  • Lots of places for organization—you can take off the hip belt, add a water bladder, and stow gear in the top pockets

2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Materials have held up and show no signs of wear
  • Water resistance holds up well due to a combination of fabric and zippers
  • Lots of excess straps around the pack, which can look goofy

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