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1. Discover What Makes Seychelles Island An Amazing Place To Visit

An amazing island providing its visitors with unmatched tranquillity and sun-soaked days in Seychelles. Located off the eastern coast of Africa Seychelles consists of a series of small islands located in the Indian ocean. With white sandy beaches, bright blue waters, and palm tree groves the islands do not disappoint when it comes to providing picturesque views for a perfect escape. With nearly half of its landmass set aside for national parks and reserves, Seychelles offers an abundance of undiscovered island treasures.

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2. Scariest Abandoned Places

AS OBSESSED AS humans are with progress, decline and deterioration seem to similarly fascinate us. The sight of trees growing through concrete, deserted mine shafts reclaimed by nesting birds, and ghost towns in the middle of the desert remind us about the strength and the perseverance of nature. In a world obsessed with excess, the following beautiful abandoned places are made so by subtraction. It’s the absence, the regression, and the return to nature that make them appealing. please subscribe to my channel for more travel videos. #abandoned #abandonedplaces #ghosttowns #ghost #traveldestinations #travel

2. Scary Abandoned Places In The World

ADVENTURE TRAVEL Dubai Aquarium Incredible Underwater World

Every visitor to Dubai is in awe of the incredible artificial attractions that the city has to offer. Every traveler should visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo at least once in their lives because it is the largest artificial aquatic ecosystem in the world. Since its development, it has won a number of awards, including the Acrylic Panel title in the Guinness Book of World Records. Flying to the capital of the UAE is a must if you want to see this magnificent building. Here are some things to know before going to the Dubai Aquarium.

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