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Chrome Barrage Cargo Backpack Review
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Chrome Barrage Cargo Backpack Review

The Chrome Barrage Cargo is a rolltop backpack for city commuting that is tough as nails and forgoes gimmicky technical features in favor of a tried-and-true design that works.

In terms of urban backpacks, the Chrome Barrage Cargo has everything you require: a really waterproof structure, a strong shell that is abrasion-resistant, easy-to-use rolltop access, and special cargo netting for additional storage on days when you need more capacity.

We will examine every aspect of the Chrome Barrage Cargo Backpack in our in-depth review so that you can decide if it is the correct bag for you.


Materials and Construction

You’ll notice right away that the Chrome Barrage Cargo feels substantial in your hands. It is not a lightweight backpack, weighing in at 3 pounds, but the trade-off is that the bag is constructed like a tank out of very durable and abrasion-resistant materials.

This is not a fragile backpack that has to be carefully handled out of concern for its integrity. It will be alright if you throw it in the back of a vehicle or up against a brick wall. The Barrage Cargo feels heavier than many of the “military grade” tactical backpacks we have tried, to be completely honest.


The Barrage Cargo is not submersible, but it is as waterproof as a regular urban backpack can be without becoming a full-on dry bag.

The exterior of the pack is composed of water-resistant 1050D Nylon, and the interior has a thick tarpaulin lining that keeps moisture out of the main compartment. The interior is shielded from damaging splashes from moving cars and torrential rain by a waterproof barrier made up of the tarpaulin lining and welded seams.


For sternum strap adjustments and their recognizable metal “seatbelt buckle,” Chrome uses metal ladderlock buckles. Heavy duty plastic is used for the cargo net and rolltop buckles. Although we would have like to see metal buckles used in their place, we are confident in the strength of the enormous plastic rolltop buckle.


One of the Barrage Cargo’s most distinctive qualities and what distinguishes it from other rolltop commuter backpacks is the front cargo net.

a cycling helmet is included in the Chrome Barrage Baggage Backpack’s cargo net.
It’s the perfect size to accommodate a bike helmet, but we also discovered that many big goods, like shoes or boxing gloves, fit perfectly in it. You will undoubtedly find the cargo net to be more than useful whether you travel regularly in the city or need a durable workout bag.


Over-ear headphones

Small Camera Cube (8” x 7” x 4”)

1-inch binder

Light jacket

Tech Pouch (8.5″ x 6″ x 2.5″)

13” Laptop

Final Thoughts

The Chrome Barrage Cargo more than makes up for its lack of specialized pockets and flashy features with its durable build.
Compared to other technological urban backpacks that provide a ton of cool features but risk having too many failure points over time, its bombproof design is a breath of fresh air. The Chrome Barrage Cargo simply doesn’t have that atmosphere. We had no reason to worry about the stitching on this purse wearing out quickly.

In conclusion we think the Barrage Cargo is a great buy if you know what to expect – a simple rolltop backpack that is built to last years and not just a few seasons.

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