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Best Business Travel Backpack

Best Business Travel Backpack – Carefully Reviewed

Looking for a reliable backpack for a trip on business? You’ve arrived at the proper location. We’ll show you ten incredible packs for business travel in this study, ranging from the greatest low-cost solutions to some incredibly pricey high-end bags.

Our Picks

Travel laptop bag by AMBOR

Travel Backpack Business Anti-Theft Large Daypack Weekender Bag, Black, AMBOR 17.3inch Travel Laptop Backpack, 40L Flight Approved Carry-On Backpack for Men and Women
The Ambor travel backpack is a fantastic low-cost choice. It is an excellent business backpack for the money and costs less than $50. The 40 liters of storage space in this backpack are distributed among several internal and external pockets.

That’s a lot of space for a carry-on bag—in fact, it’s the same amount as a typical carry-on suitcase. However, the bag has better organizing qualities, and for business travel, we actually prefer them.

The main section of this travel bag is roomy and front-loading, making it ideal for clothing. Along with a wet pocket in the front compartment, the bag has a separate shoe compartment at the bottom. The laptop compartment, which is also at the back, has a TSA-friendly opening and has pockets inside for a 17″ laptop and a tablet.

The Ambor backpack has ample padding and breathable mesh on the back panel, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. Additionally soft and comfy, the shoulder straps provide a handy sternum strap for added support.

You can control the size of the laptop backpack using a set of compression straps on either side of the bag. The burden will be a little bit more stabilized if you don’t fill the backpack all the way up.

The features of this bag are very convenient for travel. To make it simpler to keep the backpack in the overhead compartment, the shoulder straps can be tucked under the backpanel. Additionally, a luggage strap in the rear allows you to attach the backpack to a larger bag for simple movement of various pieces of luggage.


  • Very affordable
  • TSA friendly laptop compartment
  • Padded and ventilated backpanel


  • No hip belt
  • Does not look very classy

Kombi Large Business Backpack by Samsonite

Black/brown Samsonite Kombi Business Backpack, 17.5 x 12 x 7-Inch
Whether we’re talking about briefcases, suitcases, or backpacks, Samsonite bags are unbeatable. One of their greatest backpacks for business trips is the Kombi, which has an extremely roomy interior and a robust, durable exterior.

Durable ballistic nylon, which offers great wear and tear resistance, is used to construct the bag’s outside. Without any additional coating, nylon is also water resistant, so it will shield the contents of the bag from light rain. The pack also has a few real leather accents that give it a sleeker, more upscale appearance.

The one thing about this laptop backpack that I don’t like is that the laptop sleeve is located inside the main area, making it TSA-unfriendly. But at least there are numerous little slip pockets in the main compartment, making it simple to stay organized.

On the front of the pack, there are three additional pockets, one of which has a tablet sleeve and an organizer panel. Additionally, the bag has zipped compartments on the sides for all the smaller goods you want to keep close to hand.

In terms of comfort when carrying, this is a wonderful business backpack as well. For great ventilation, the backpanel and shoulder straps are both cushioned and coated in breathable mesh. Even the shoulder straps are ergonomic for a remarkably snug fit on your body. The Kombi backpack may be mounted on top of a suitcase thanks to a useful baggage strap at the back.

It’s crucial to remember that the Kombi backpack is also offered in smaller sizes. However, only this backpack can accommodate 15.6″ laptops; all other Kombi backpacks can only accommodate smaller devices, and none of them can accommodate 17″ laptops.


  • Excellent organizational features
  • Padded and ventilated back system
  • Luggage strap


  • Laptop compartment not TSA friendly
  • Does not fit 17” computers

Briggs & Riley Work Large Laptop Backpack

One of the top high-end bag manufacturers is Briggs & Riley. In fact, they are the manufacturer of one of my favorite business travel luggage, which has some truly amazing cutting-edge features. Additionally, this travel backpack is very wonderful and has a ton of features that will make your life much simpler.

For starters, this bag is practically unbreakable due to its construction from 1600D ballistic nylon and strong YKK zippers. You should be able to use this work bag for a very long time if you don’t deliberately try to destroy it.

The fact that the travel backpack contains so many different pockets and sections for simple management is also very fantastic. The primary storage space, a nearly TSA-friendly padded 17″ laptop compartment, three front zipped pockets, a top zippered pocket, and two side zippered pockets are all there.

There is also plenty of room for all those tiny accessories because the internal organizers in each of the front pockets.

It’s also vital to point out that the bag features a luggage tag and an RFID secure pocket. And it fits underneath airplane seats, which is quite fantastic.

With its ample cushioning on the shoulder straps and backpanel, this business bag is also incredibly comfortable. Additionally, you can attach the backpack to a larger bag by using the luggage sleeve at the bottom of the backpanel, which is another practical feature.

This would be my favorite backpack of the lot if it weren’t so expensive. It is, however, targeted at a very particular market; if you’re a contemporary professional with a taste for fine goods, this is the ideal travel backpack for you.


  • Very durable construction
  • Fits 17” laptops
  • Excellent organization features


  • No hip belt or sternum strap

Alpha Bravo Search Laptop Backpack by TUMI

Alpha Bravo Tyndall Utility Laptop Backpack for Men and Women, 15-inch Computer Bag, Black, TUMI
If you’re looking for a high-end business bag for travel, the Tumi Alpha Bravo Search is one of your best options. Although it has several incredible features that will make your travels more enjoyable, this superb high-end bag has a heavy price tag.

The ballistic nylon used to create the Tyndall Utility backpack is a particularly robust material. Without any additional coating, it possesses outstanding tear and abrasion resistance in addition to great water resistance.

This backpack is not only exceptionally strong but also quite practical. Although not totally TSA-friendly, it has a roomy laptop compartment that opens at the back at an angle separate from the rest of the bag. There are sleeves inside with enough of thick padding for good protection of your pricey gadgets for a 15″ laptop and a normal tablet. Additionally, there is a phone slot near the handle on top!

There are also many other positive aspects of this business backpack. A weekend’s worth of clothing can fit in the top-loading main storage space. One of the side pockets has a waterproof liner, while the bottom front pocket has an organizer panel and a key clip.

The Tumi Search pack is really comfy, which you will certainly like. It will keep you dry and comfortable no matter where you are thanks to its heavy cushioning and breathable mesh back system. Although a chest strap is not included, there are places where you can attach one.

This leads me to my final point, which is this bag’s remarkable adaptability. Although Tumi’s complete Alpha Bravo line is primarily intended for travelers, this bag can be used for a lot more than just traveling.

The reason is that the pack contains a variety of attachment points (D-rings and webbing straps), which are functional characteristics more commonly found on outdoor backpacks than on upscale business travel bags.


  • Extremely durable and rugged
  • Versatile design
  • Very comfortable back system


  • Expensive
  • No hip belt or sternum strap
  • Heavy

Kenneth Cole Reaction Business Travel Backpack

The Kenneth Cole Reaction travel backpack is a fantastic choice for you if you want a business backpack that appears upscale and professional. It is made of Colombian full-grain leather and appears to be much more expensive than it is! Additionally, the backpack’s interior is lined with polyester that is resistant to tears, so it ought to keep up reasonably well even under heavy use.

This bag has a TSA-compliant laptop section that can accommodate devices up to 16″. Additionally, it includes three zipped compartments inside where you can keep all of your essential laptop accessories.

The laptop backpack also features a huge main area with three pockets inside. There is plenty of space for clothing, and one of the compartments is easily big enough to accommodate a typical 9.7″ tablet. Along with a small top zipped pocket, this pack also has a front compartment with an organizer panel and a key clip.

For exceptional carrying comfort, the backpanel has three padded inserts that are coated in breathable mesh. It might not be the most comfortable business backpack to use when it is fully loaded because you won’t get a chest strap or a hip belt. The bottom inserts also serve as a trolley sleeve.

Although the Kenneth Cole Reaction travel backpack is excellent, it is far from flawless. There is no room for a water bottle because it lacks side pockets. Additionally, the bag’s exterior requires a lot of upkeep, so if you want to keep it looking brand-new and sparkling, you need arm yourself with leather care tools.


  • Sleek and professional exterior
  • TSA friendly laptop compartments
  • Luggage strap in the back


  • High maintenance exterior
  • No sternum strap or hip belt
  • No side pockets

Bopai Business Travel Backpack

For those who love backpacks with a sleek and uncomplicated appearance, the Bopai bag is yet another excellent choice. Ballistic nylon and waterproof microfibre leather make up the outside, which will shield the bag’s contents from mild precipitation.

This professional bag features a separate pocket in the rear for 15.6″ laptops, but it’s not fully user-friendly. Additionally, it has two additional zipped compartments on the front panel in addition to a very roomy main compartment. In addition, the bag’s capacity is extensible, and the expansion zipper allows for 40% extra space.

The fact that this bag comes with four blue and four orange zipper straps that you may fasten to the pullers is one feature I truly enjoy. This makes it simple for you to distinguish between the compartments and enables you to quickly identify the zipper you need to use at any given time.

Overall, the Bopai is an excellent laptop backpack, however there are a few areas where it may be made better. The backpanel has no breathable mesh, thus the ventilation won’t be very good. At least it will feel very pleasant against your body because of the thick foam. Additionally, the straps are really coated with breathable mesh, which will keep the front of your torso dry and cool.

Even the straps can be stowed and concealed to make it simpler to put the backpack inside a suitcase. Additionally, there is a luggage strap in the back that enables mounting it on top of a larger bag for simple movement when carrying numerous pieces of luggage.


  • Expandable capacity
  • Stowable straps
  • Luggage strap


  • No hip belt or sternum strap
  • Backpanel not ventilated

What to Consider: Durability and Materials

Knowing the components of your laptop bag is crucial for understanding how to care for it. You now know what to anticipate in terms of the performance and durability of your backpack.

Typically, nylon is the best material, especially if the density is really high. Even without an extra coating, it possesses respectable tear and abrasion resistance as well as water repellent qualities. Additionally, nylon is really simple to clean, so you won’t need to spend all day shining your work backpack.

For leather business bags, of which you saw a handful in this review, the same cannot be true. In particular, you should occasionally oil full-grain leather business backpacks and exercise extreme caution when setting them down.

Avoid subjecting leather backpacks to extreme weather conditions and treat them gently. Although they typically have decent water resistance, too much water may taint the leather.

Another strong substance is polyester, but it is not quite as resilient as nylon. Additionally, polyester doesn’t have the finest water resistance, so if you decide to get a polyester travel bag, you might want to get a rain cover.

Size of Laptop Compartment

The finest business travel backpacks contain a laptop area that is either completely separate from the main compartment or is TSA-friendly. Both solutions are appropriate because they will make it easier for you to pass TSA checkpoints without having to remove everything from your bag.

Get a pack with a TSA-friendly laptop compartment instead if you want to be extremely efficient. The back of these bags typically has a zippered computer compartment that, when opened, lies completely flat. When passing through TSA checkpoints, the laptop is exposed, and you are not even required to remove it from the designated sleeve.

Even more crucial, though, is whether your laptop will actually fit in the laptop pocket. If you have a 13″ or even a traditional 15.6″ device, that won’t be a problem because all of the packs covered in this review can accommodate those devices.

However, not all of them can accommodate 17″ computers, so if you have one of those, you need be extremely cautious about the bag you choose. Examine the laptop pocket’s size and compare the measurements to the specifications of your machine. especially if it’s one of the larger devices.

Friendly to Travel Features

Since we’re talking about business travel backpacks, it’s crucial that they contain at least a few features that make traveling with them easier. The most crucial feature to look for is a TSA-friendly laptop compartment; it’s a requirement for regular travelers and can save you a lot of time if you travel frequently.

Additionally, if you frequently travel with many pieces of luggage, you want to search for backpacks that include a luggage strap. It is considerably simpler to move around with numerous bags when you can attach the backpack on top of a larger suitcase using a luggage strap.

But even if you’re used to flying with just a carry-on, it’s not a necessary feature or something you can’t live without.

A front-loading main compartment is something else to look for, but only if you just intend to use the backpack for business trips. Although front-loading backpacks make packing more simpler, they are also far less adaptable. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to get a carry-on bag with a front-loading main compartment if that’s all you need it for.

But if you don’t want a bag with such constrained functionality, pick one of the more adaptable backpacks I displayed. Compression straps, connection points, and a variety of extremal pockets are pretty much what make a backpack adaptable and ideal for (nearly) any expedition you can think of.

Value and Price

There should be something for any budget since I’ve included business bags with prices ranging from $30 to more than $600. If you don’t have much money to spend on a business travel backpack, check for options marked as budget-friendly in the pro boxes.

If you treat them well, these are often quite durable bags that you may use for at least a few years. Although they’re occasionally not flawless, you can’t really expect perfection for $30–$40.

For those who can afford the more expensive bags without inflicting too much damage to their wallets, those bags are excellent. You are still paying a lot of money simply for the logo even though they are better in terms of materials, toughness, and comfort. And to be honest, none of the pricey bags are really superior to the typical $50 bag.

If you’re an experienced business traveler and want others to know it, then this is OK. Choose one of the high-end travel backpacks shown here for a luxury and opulent experience, along with a bevy of travel-friendly features that will significantly simplify your life.

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